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Adoption Information

You are assured to receive a healthy pet when you adopt from Cream Doxie Luv. We have tested all our family pets using Embark Dog DNA services, and our dogs have been awarded a clean bill of DNA health. None tested positive for any of the 170 genetic diseases that Embark tests for, including PRA. We are committed to being a responsible breeder that looks out for the best interests of our fur family.


Years of Joy

When you consider how long your new fur-kid will be a part of your life, you get more for your money with a Dachshund! Please make sure you and your family are ready for a pet with a long lifespan. Some Doxies live to be over 20 years old!

Our Prices

Our AKC  Limited only pet only price is 1900.00   Full AKC upon review of your breeding program and location. We register our litters with the American Kennel Club (AKC) when they are born, and you will receive the appropriate paperwork when you take your fur-baby home.

What You Receive

Each puppy is socialized, as well as have been started on crate, doggie door, and pad training. They will also be raised around other Dachshunds. Our puppies are played with and given plenty of love in our home. We follow the Puppy Culture progam. 
Each adoption comes with a new puppy kit folder for your vet records including all up-to-date wellness checks.  Reading material on the Dachshunds breed to answer commonly asked questions. How to care for your Dog as a puppy and adult. Also Pet Insurance information. 
The puppy kit includes everything you need to  travel with your new pet, such as a basket for car travel, water,  toys, chews and  blanket with the smell of momma and litter mates to soothe your puppy as they transition to your home. We are here to offer a lifetime of support for your dog. We encourage you to share photos of our puppies as they reach milestones and anything fun the may do or get into. They are always making us laugh, it's in their nature and why we LOVE Doxies. 

Sign Up for Our Waiting List

The popularity of our puppies means there is a very long  waiting list. If you'd like to be placed on it, please use the link below to fill out the Prospective Owner Application. As part of the process, we'll get to know you and ensure a proper fit for Adoption of our furbabies.  We will contact you once we have a confirmed pregnancy, to verify you're still interested and your schedule allows you to devote the time it will take to train and work with a new puppy. 
If you're selected as one of our new furbaby owners we will request a non-refundable $500.00 deposit. We accept payment by Facebook, Venmo, and wire transfer. Please note that we do not take Pay Pal. Next, we'll send you a contract to sign and collect the remainder of the purchase in cash when you pick your furbaby up to go home. 
For your convenience, we can make arrangements to drive or fly to meet you to deliver your puppy for an additional agreed amount. We live less than an hour from Salt Lake City International Airport if you would like to arrange picking up your puppy in person.

Contract and Bill of Sale  Prospective Owner Application