Our puppies are started on litter box training at 4 weeks giving you a head start on housebreaking.  We include the ACK  pet registration & ACK international chipped. Two Vet check ups for first shots and worming and accompaning paperwork. 

We include a generous gift package the will fit all your travel needs home be it by car or by airline. 

Cream Doxie Luv



Adult Dogs

Adoption Information

You are assured of receiving a healthy pet when you adopt from Cream Doxie Luv. We have tested all our family pets using Embark Dog DNA services, and our dogs have been awarded a clean bill of DNA health. None tested positive for any of the 170 genetic diseases that Embark tests for. 2 of our Dogs do carry for PRA but we never breed with another PRA Carrier so as not to affect any puppies that would be born to parents who are both carriers.  We are committed to being a responsible breeder that looks out for the best interests of our fur family. We reserve the right to keep any puppy first for our own and will choose the best families in our puppy's best interest for a happy life. We read all you have to share with us about yourself and look to place our puppies in forever homes. 


Years of Joy

When you consider how long your new fur-kid will be a part of your life, you get more for your money with a Dachshund! Please make sure you and your family are ready for a pet with a long lifespan. Some Doxies live to be over 15 years old.

Our Prices  do not depend on the Color nor sex of the puppy. These are pure English Creams with great bloodlines these are not bargain dogs.

These are AKC registered puppies for Pet Only. Full registered are by approval and prices will be higher. We do not use our Males for Stud services or ship seamen. 

As of January 2024 Our AKC prices are as follows: 

ee Pale Cream & Shaded English Creams 2950.00  Both Sexes. 

We pre-register our litters with the American Kennel Club (AKC) when they are born, and you will receive the appropriate paperwork when you take your fur-baby home, 30 days of Insurance from AKC is included. Also an AKC Chip will be placed before your puppy leaves our home. I will be listed as the 2nd contact should your pet be seperatated from you. 

Any puppies that will be flying home be it with you or a pet Nanny will have an extra $ 60.00 charge for the Airline approved paperwork required to fly. 

What You Receive
Each puppy will have followed the Breeders Bootcamp training. Each adoption comes with a new puppy kit folder for your vet records including all up-to-date wellness checks.  Reading material on the Dachshunds breed to answer commonly asked questions. How to care for your dog as a puppy and adult. Also Pet Insurance information. I will also email you a list of items I use that you may want to order.
The puppy kit includes everything you need to travel with your new pet for car/air travel, food, water, toys, chews, puppy pads, water dish, pop-up play pen and Blanket with the smell of momma and littermates to soothe your puppy as they transition to your home. If you are flying in to pick up your puppy you will need an airline-approved carry-on if you plan to pick up your puppy in person. A puppy sling is also nice to travel and snuggle puppy with. 
We are here to offer a lifetime of support for your dog. We encourage you to share photos of our puppies as they reach milestones and anything fun they may do or get into. They are always making us laugh, it's in their nature and why we LOVE Doxies. We do have a Private FB page for all past and current owners to keep us updated on your puppy and so you may see their littermates as well. Any past client will be given top priority of a new litter when wanting to add your 2nd or even third Doxie to your family. 
Please watch here for updates on Confirmed  breeding or on our Facebook Page Cream Doxie Luv  for Confirmed breeding I will post when I accept applications at that time. We no longer keep years long waiting lists due to the amount of time it takes to manage those lists because 90% have moved on when our puppies are born. ( Please fill out a new application every 6 months or a follow up e-mail to keep your application active.) 
I do hold onto your applications in my database in order they are received.  I start making placement calls for approved applications  after the first vet visit for health checks. 
I will also post on my FB Page fellow trusted breeders that may have puppies available you will have to submit an application and tell them I sent you. I never mind supporting my fellow breeders for the love of the breed. 

 As part of the process, we'll get to know you and ensure a proper fit for the Adoption of our furbabies, also  if your schedule allows you to devote the time it will take to train and work with a new puppy and make the lifetime cradle to grave commitment our pets deserve. The life the puppy where they will  live is the most important in our selection. We reserve the right to first pick of our litters. 
If you're selected as one of our new furbaby owners we will request a non-refundable $500.00 deposit. We will  send you a receipt and collect the remainder of the purchase in cash when you pick your furbaby up to go home unless other arrangements are made in advance. 
For your convenience, we can make arrangements to drive or fly to meet you to deliver your puppy for an additional agreed amount. We live less than an hour from Salt Lake City International Airport if you would like to arrange to pick up your puppy in person. You may also choose to ship your carrier and other items for your puppy to us to have ready for your trip home.