Every Puppy Leaves Us Ready for Your New Home, Lots of Goodies and Information Provided!

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Birth to 9 Weeks

Welping takes place in crib in next to me in my master bedroom 

As our Dam's near due dates they are kept a very close eye on day and night. As puppies are born they are weighed and tracking from birth begins. They are weighed several times a day to verify healthy puppies. The first call to the Vet is made and scheduled for dew claw removal 3-5 days after birth along with the first check up. At 3 days old we start to handle and provide ENS stimulation with the puppies up to 10 days then on to the next phase as eyes start to open and they are moved to the nursery.

*Calls are made after 7-10 days old to familes in waiting and first deposits are made. 

Dog in Crib

Litter box,car rides, bath time, & grooming, & clicker are introduced

Once the puppies begin to move they are placed in the crate with the door open and litterbox just outside, they learn from the start where to "Go". They are started on a soft mush at 4 weeks but by this time they have had nails clipped and bath time has began weekly. They are taught that when the classical music comes on its time to settle down and go to sleep. At 6 weeks its back to the Vet for a 6 week check up  worming and shots. Our puppies family will know the color of the collars they are wearing and watch our FB page for Daily photos and videos. 


crates, food guarding, harness, leash along with limited social interaction are introduced. 

Our puppies learn parts of our home are puppy  safe for them so they can hear and be part of the  day to day noises and family life. They are allowed to interact with some of our adult dogs for playtime. If the weather allows we like to get them outside to experience that also. We want the transisiton to be as comfortable as possible for our puppies. They are taking a part of our heart with them to your home. 

Pups in Room

puppies can do hard things! 

They are very smart and respond well to high stimulant rewards, be it a treat or food they addore. We teach them to climb on the wabble board, slides and ramps.. We STRONGLY suggest ramps for all doxies if your going to allow them on your furniture. Our puppies are taught to sit and look you in the eye before you pick them up..no jumping, nor do we allow them to play bite hands.  They are taught to walk in a shalllow pan of water and to recover from loud noises. Its nice for clean up by this time as 90% is found in the litter box. At 8 weeks old its back to the vet for the next shots and deworming, arrangements are made for those puppies that will be flying home to get the extra paperwork in place that will allow them to fly home be it with you or a nanny that is scheduled in advance. We will meet you at the gate of our airport  or you may drive to our home when its time to be placed in your loving arms. 

Playground for Puppies

breeders bootcamp

Educate* empower* support

Stephanie Major, creator and founder of Breeders Bootcamp has more than 15 years of experience in breeding and raising puppies. It is through this experience that she has come to understand the critical role breeders play during the first nine weeks of a puppy's life, and that there is much we can do to help each puppy develop a strong foundation. She is a stong believer in good, better, best and believes that there is always room for growth and learning. 

This is why  we here at Cream Doxie Luv support and follow her training courses we have seen the diffrence in our own Breeders Bootcamp Puppy. We wish all our own dogs would have come from a Breeders Bootcamp breeder. When you know better, you do better. 

Breeders Bootcamp

baxter & bella

We do ask you to look ino BAXTER&Bella as your online puppy school as part of your continued training. Please use code: DOXIELUV for 25% off your lifetime purchase and online support. 

Baxter & Bella