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Cream Doxie Luv



Meet Our Dogs

Our Future Dam
miss laney

Laney is a Longhaired Shaded Miniature Cream and she is a true little lady. At just 11 lbs. Lanie  has beautiful black almond shaped eyes and eyeliner with a black nose. She joined our pack in August 2021.

She is a true cuddle bug and will look for your lap every chance she gets. Laney also likes to tease and play with all our Doxies.  Laney is a great little dog and just an overall sweetheart, she is already trying to mother the puppies younger than she is. 

We will update her Embark test results prior to breeding her. 

AKC Pedigree

Miss Annabeth

Our  Future Damm Miss Ryder

Our  Future damm

Miss Ryder joined our family from Arkansas in November of 2021. She is an ee Cream that also carries pie. He coat is super soft like that of Mr Kriby it is my belief they share that as a result from their Sniffentells genes.  We look forward to breeding with Mr. Kirby when she is old enough, and expect all ee cream puppies from the two of them.  Ryder loves to be held, but she is busy and looks forward to playtime and sitting for her treats. We will have her Embark tested prior to breeding her. 

AKC Pedigree

Our Future Damm

Miss Victoria is one of our own and ee Cream, she  is the first puppy we have kept to raise and breed from Mr. Kirby and Miss Molly. She is a princess and very shy when it comes to photos, but not shy to play and snuggle time. Vickie as we call her has the coat like her momma Miss Molly, lots of curls and very soft and the sweet personality of her daddy Mr Kirby. She is still on the small side at this time, she was born September of 2021. We will have her Embark tested prior to breeding her. 

AKC Pedigree

  Our Future Dam Miss Victoria

Our Future Damm

Our Future Damm
miss Chanel

Taxonyx ChaNel Number One aka Miss ChaNel

We have waited just over two years for our Shaded Cream Princess. We picked her up and flew home with her in January of 2022. Both her parents are imported by Taxonyx inSouthern California from South Africa. She is already making her place known in our family. She has such a fun and playful spirit and loves to give butterfly kisses. She will hop like a bunny up and over any other dogs in her way when she desides its her time for attention. She loves to run and play and no fear of the doggie door or ramps when it comes to play time. She too will sit for treats and has a very mild nature about her. We will have her Embark tested  prior to breeding.

AKC Pedigree