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Meet Our Dogs

Our Doxies are family. We hang out, play, watch TV, cook, vacation and even sleep together in our king-size bed sometimes. 

Thorough Health Checks

Prior to adoption we would prefer to meet all our future families in person. In-home visits are by appointment only. Our Health Rules for visiting our puppies will be given to you prior to your visit and strictly upheld for the safety of our dogs. Due to COVID this is no longer an option so we will have phone visits and can face time. 

Some families due to the miles and travel time will not be able to see their puppy in person prior to pick up. All new pet families will get Photos and Videos, additionally our Facebook page is updated almost daily from birth to 9 weeks old.  You will also see your puppy given the name you choose to follow updates on our  Facebook page Cream Doxie Luv until they are ready to go home.

BB Doxies 

Our Remington is a 3rd Generation Minature English Cream with some very good bloodlines from Canada and Europe. His sire is a Grand Champion from Danville Dachshunds from California, and his Dam is from Sniffentels in Canada, who currently resides at BB Doxies in Reno, NV.

Remington has the sweetest nature of all. If he could talk he  would tell you he is a mommas boy.  He loves to play and cuddle. We are looking forward to seeing some puppies from this handsome guy. He is PRA Clear. Miniature Cream.

AKC Pedigree

BB Doxies WRoyal Remington

Our Sire
Mr. Kirby Cream Doxie Luv »

Kirby is an ee Cream Dachshund that CARRIES PRA, and he is the king of our castle. He will get up and see what the alarm is signaling; however, Kirby is not so quick to judge foreign subjects. In fact, he will wait and see what they have to offer. Kirby is very mellow and easygoing. Even our vet said he has never seen a Dachshund so laid back and easygoing. This is common in the English Cream Breed.

His coat is lighter in color and feels more like Rabbit hair so he is very soft. Because of this his coat rarely tangles, and he is easy to keep clean. Kirby's full-grown weight is 15 lbs., he is also considered a "tween" for size. He has a very strong pedigree for Creams going back 4 generations, and the dark almond shaped eyes. 

AKC Pedigree

Mr. Kirby

Our Dam
Miss Molly Cream Doxie Luv »

Miss Molly is an  Ee Shaded English Cream Dachshund PRA CLEAR. When she was born, she was almost black. This is a trait of a true English Cream Dachshund. In fact, you can still see Molly has a few black hairs on her ears. Now, she is rich caramel and creamy in color with a black nose, almond shaped eyes and black eyeliner. Her fur is like silk and it's growing very long, curly, and soft. Molly is a princess. She has a small, sweet face and a darling personality. Her weight currently is 14 lbs.

AKC Pedigree

Miss Molly

Our Dam
Miss Heidi Cream Doxie Luv »

Heidi is an ee Cream Dachshund PRA CLEAR. She is the queen of our small pack and is also a very good mother. Heidi is always on the lookout as she lays on the couch looking out the window. She is the queen of our cul-de-sac and keeps us updated on any foreign approaching armies or grandkids!

Heidi has a strawberry tint to her coat, her sire was an American cream.  She loves to play, sit for treats, and run in and out the doggie door during any season. She learned to ring the bells on the door to go outside so she is very smart. And she loves to kiss you if she gets the chance. At 18 lbs., Heidi is a good weight for a "Tween" Clear Cream. Tweens can range from 12-22 lbs., so her weight is quite common for this Cream Size. 

AKC Pedigree

Miss Heidi

Our Sire

Toby is a Long haired Shaded Miniature Cream PRA CLEAR with a very fine build. He has some very distinct shading to his lovely full coat along with black almond shaped eyes, beautiful black eyeliner and a black nose.

Toby is a very playful boy. He is great at playing catch with his ball and will bring it back to you to throw as long as you're willing to play. He takes his time getting to know you, but once he does, you're his friend and ball thrower for life. Toby is full-grown and a proven stud. His weight is 12 lbs. He currently resides in my sisters home in Northern California. We use him for stud as we are able. We are looking to pair him with our Miss Laney in the future. We are sure they will have some beautiful puppies. 

AKC Pedigree